Contour RollerMouse Red & Keyboard Bundle-Wireless

  319.00 USD

Contour RollerMouse Red and Keyboard Bundle - Wireless

Contour Design RollerMouse Red
- Fortified by an aluminum body
- Infused with the latest in mousing technology
- Combines ergonomic design with innovative technology to create new
standard in performance of a central pointing device
- New sleek aluminum design provides sturdy base
- New tracking technology inside rollerbar allows precise, effortless
cursor control
- Newly developed extremely operator-friendly rollerbar is thicker,
textured, and with frictionless glide
- Easy to use, right away
- More adaptable to each individual, containing intuitive features that
minimize transition time from standard mousing to RollerMousing
- Signature RollerMouse features such as high precision, futuristic
ergonomic design, and elimination of repetitive joint stress
- Wireless

Contour Balance Keyboard
- Specifically designed to fit the RollerMouse Red, Red plus, and Free2
- Balance Keyboard puts your hands in the perfect typing and mousing
- An improved, stress-free position while getting the most out of your
keyboard and mouse
- Balance Keyboard's adjustable legs and tilt options allow for easy
adjustability into negative, neutral, and positive typing angles
- Balance Keyboard's media keys perform useful everyday tasks and can
easily be programmed to suit your specific needs
- Wireless
- Runs on 2 AAA batteries
Compatibility: PC or MAC, Wireless receiver

Keyboard Style: Straight
Integrated Features: Adjustable Angle
Multimedia Controls
Connection Type: USB
Operating System: Mac