Newtral 3 Medium Mouse Wireless

Product: KOV-N300BWM
Tracking Method: OPTICAL
Orientation: RIGHT HAND
Integrated Features: Adjustable Angle
Scroll Wheel
Wrist Rest
Connection Type: Wireless
Operating System: Linux
Newtral 3 Medium Mouse Wireless-Black
- 2 grip options: the precision grip and the ergo-grip with attachment
- Ergo-grip design has a detachable palm support which keeps the
underside of the pinky finger and palm off the surface of desk to reduce
- 33 degree slope off the horizontal from the pointer finger to the
fifth finger position
- Neutral horizontal semi-fist shape fits hand at relaxed position
- Easy to Use, No Learning Curve: Plug and Play, easy to adapt
- DPI Adjustable
- 6 programmable buttons

Dimensions: 6.6"D x 4.1"W x 2.1"H with palm support
Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS 9, Mac
OS X, and Linux
Hand compatibility: Right handed
Color: Black