Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard- Brown

Product: KB900-BRN
Keyboard Style: Split
Integrated Features: Adjustable Split
Programmable Keys
Connection Type: Wired
Operating System: Mac
Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard
- Cherry MX (Brown) Low-force, tactile key switches
- Adjustable linking cable accommodates a wide range of individuals
- Zero degree slope
- 20 inch linking cable that can be adjusted
- 8 pre-programmed hotkeys
- 4 MB of onboard memory so all settings are saved directly to the
- Supports 24 macros per layout
- Unlimited key remapping
- Pre-configured layouts for Mac users and Dvorak typists. Layout 1:
QWERTY Windows, Layout 2: QWERTY Mac, <(>&<)> Layout 3: Dvorak Windows
Compatibility: Windows 7-10, MAC OS X v10.6+, Linux, Chrome, SmartSet
USB Cable Length: 6'
Keyswitch: Mechanical
Dimensions: 15.5"W x 7.25"D x 1.25"H
Color: Black