Contour Design RollerMouse PRO3

Contour Design RollerMouse PRO3
Product: RM-PRO3-BLK
Tracking Method: ROLLER BAR
Contour Design RollerMouse PRO3
- Sliding rollerbar cursor for single finger point and click
- Slim design and tapered palm rest:1/2 less length on each side and 1/2
shorter on front edge
- Multi-navigation capability: cursor speed selector with 10 cursor
speeds (dpi) and 2400 max dpi
- Improved scroll wheel: wider and smoother scroll function
- Cursor is 67% longer than the standard RollerMouse
- Adjustable click force on rollerbar (5 levels of tension) using simple
knob under RollerMouse
- 3 user definable buttons and a scroll wheel plus 2 more buttons for
"Drag Lock" and "Double Click"
- Secondary PS2 port for connecting one additional input device
Dimensions: 20 7/8" W x 11 3/8" D x 1 1/4" H
PS/2 and USB for PC & MAC
Fortified base: aluminum chasse underneath
Color: Black